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Release notes

Date  publicationChangeNo
14.05.2022          Export the journal to Banana accounting. Cresus, Winbiz also supported. 
11.04.2022Preserves the sort order on documents. Grouped payments from the bank are detailed in the journal during consolidation.1.4.21
04.04.2022Drag & drop from MS Outlook, File explorer or URL from navigator1.4.20
06.03.2022Multilingual release D / F / E / I1.4.13
01.03.2022          Introduce Swiss EBICS with NLOG 1.4.12
20.2.2022Consolidate data from the bank . New Booking list with details, Export to accounting1.4.9
07.01.2022  Hosting of the Datebase on the Cloud at Setup1.3.95
21.12.2021            Improvement on the scanning, with a lasso1.3.91
21.10.2021Scanning can be dual-side automatic. Page can be added , allowing for manual 2-.side scanner1.3.82
11.10.2021         Update runtime.1.3.78
11.06.2021Publication sur l’App Store de Winbiz1.1.67
Early 2021Internal release with Tesseract  DLLs