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Scan Express – Document management and payment solution – ISO 20022

The companion of – An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for small business.

Scan-express collects documents and invoices, with OCR text recognition, QR or IBAN processing, and allow you to make your payments.


  • Scan document with your desktop printer or desktop scanner
  • Process invoices / PDF documents with several pages. (Drag & drop from e-mail)
  • Text recognition OCR (Optical Character Recognition), search on keywords, amounts
  • Archive your documents, facilitate research
  • Accounting reconciliation – with bank data, to confirm payments and establish the detailed journal (EBICS)
  • Preparation of payment and/or journal data for accounting
  • ERP-Express: create QR invoices with our commerce option – this is the 64 bits evolution including scan-express


  • Gain in efficiency – You no longer need to open e-banking
  • Keep a track of what is payed, and easy view your documents
  • No need for a scan eye reader or pen reader (uses your printer’s scanner).
  • Drag and drop invoice PDFs from Outlook, Webpage, Fileexplorer
  • FREE – up to 100 payments. Support by e-mail or Teamviewer.
  • Also reads scanned documents in BMP,PNG image format, and ESR line via copy-paste (e.g. VAT statement)
  • EBICS included for free
  • Invoice layout template with import/export feature
  • Local or cloud database (Client / Server). Migration from local to cloud is available.

Invoice processing

  • Reading and interpretations of coding lines (ESR/BVRB)
  • Reading and interpretations of QR codes
  • Recognizes Swico codes of BVR-QRs
  • Recognizes the IBAN number for invoices without a payment slip
  • Allows you to archive the content of invoices and to search

Make your payments

  • Creation of payment orders ISO 20022 standard and variant for Switzerland (, XML validation
  • Payment orders validated on and (Six payment)
  • Payment in CHF, Euros, USD, GBP, ,,, SEPA logo if low fares applies
  • Secure transmission to the bank via EBICS (XE2 payment order)


  •  Automatic recovery and import into Winbiz. Detailed balances in movements (Reads CAMTs on its own)

Interface / connector

  • Accounting export: Winbiz, Cresus, Banana (other on request), breakdown in the accounts, with VAT data, foreign currency
  • Direkt export to Winbiz-Cloud ( Taken as a supplier invoice, see AppStore Winbiz ) or to accounting
  • Money collections are transferred to Winbiz cloud automatically

Where does Scan-Express come from?

Scan-Express is an application developed with Windev 2024 ( EBICS processing is derived from NetEBICS is in C# (c-sharp). OCR is based on Tesseract. QRs are decoded natively and also with ZXing. Our hosting is offered on (in Switzerland). Published by Dupuis Informatique Martigny.

Our other productivity apps the complete ERP released as a 64 bits version Mobility solution for Android Smartphone Pinger – Network monitoring – pinger

Install ScanToPay

Download here Version 1.7 / 22.03.2024 (or newer)

Notes If you run older Version of Windows, you may need:

Microsoft Runtime for C++ (prerequisite), Microsoft Dotnet 6.0 Runtime (prerequisite) (If not installed OCR and QRDecoder will not work, DLL or or .NET error reported)